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Ray Ariss works with all breeds of horses at all levels of training. His Sweet Willing And Predictable method (S.W.A.P) has been published in numerous international magazines and has been proven effective time and time again. S.W.A.P is especially successful in resolving behavioral issues and building a strong foundation for any discipline. By using positive reinforcement, S.W.A.P teaches the horse to make positive and correct choices without the use of punishments. This keeps stress levels down and increases the horse's willingness and capability to learn.

Mr. Ariss holds clinics about the S.W.A.P method as well as dressage, High School exhibition, english, western and driving. These events are extremely beneficial to both horse and rider. Past clinics have been immensely successful. Clinics can be held on our property (please see Facilities) or at another location.

If you are interested in scheduling a clinic, please call Starbrite at (951) 279 - 1036
Email Starbrite.

Lessons are available at Starbrite for students of all ages and with all levels of riding experience. We provide training in dressage, high school exhibition, english, western and driving. Lesson horses are available, but clients can also bring their own horses. Lessons are especially effective when both the horse and rider are in training simultaneously. This helps owners learn to work with their horses on their own. Students are not taught simply to ride, but also the safety procedures and knowledge necessary to build the confidence that even long time horse enthusiasts sometimes find themselves lacking. Teaching riders who are planning to show is something Ray Ariss excels in. With his guidance, Starbrite Riding Academy students hold regional, state and national titles regularly in various disciplines.

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