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Monthly Workshops Now Being Offered

All clinics are scheduled for the 2nd Saturday of each month, rescheduled to the 3rd Saturday of the month in the event of rain.  To view a flyer about the clinics, follow this link. 

~ November 2007 ~

Elated describes the feelings of Ray Ariss and his family when "Hail Yeah" was adopted for an unbelievable $50,000 at the September mustang auction following the “Extreme Mustang Makeover”.  Add stunned to that, when the Mustang Heritage Foundation announced that Ray would be taking "Hail Yeah" home with him!  The Foundation decided that Ray and "Hail Yeah" are the perfect team to represent the American Mustang!

Daily Bulletin Article 10/25/07

Southern California Equestrian Directory Article 10/15/07

Extreme Mustang Makeover Announcement 09/23/07

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See Ray and "Hail Yeah!" in the Norco Rodeo Parade 11/16/07

Watch Ray and "Hail Yeah!" on RFD TV
Wild World of Horses
Nov 19, Dec 17 & Dec 31, 2007 at 7:30 PM PST


 ~ July 2007 ~

“Extreme Mustang Makeover”

Trainers from across America have been invited to participate in the “Extreme Mustang Makeover”.   Trainers will pick up the Mustangs at either the Fallon Facility in Nevada or the Paul’s Valley facility near Oklahoma City.  They will have the Mustangs in training until Saturday, September 22, 2007.  On that date trainers will compete with their Mustang for $25,000 in prize money at the Will Rogers Equestrian Center in Fort Worth, Texas.  The trained Mustangs will be judged on conditioning, groundwork and a “Horse Course” which represents maneuvers and obstacles found in trail and recreational riding situations.

All mustangs participating in the Makeover event will be available for adoption to the public on Sunday, September 23rd.

Ray has been working with "Hail Yeah" since mid-June.  Here are several pictures of Ray and his mustang in action.










Read the Flyer about the Extreme Mustang Makeover

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Ray Ariss Shines While Honoring President Reagan


by Suzie Strelecki

Friday, June 11, 2004, was a very special day at the 4th Annual San Diego County Fair Draft, Mule, and Friesian Horse Show. The fair horse show is always one of excitement; however, this year was different - the tone was also somewhat somber as it was the day the nation set aside to commemorate the passing of former President Ronald Reagan. But as they say, the show must go on and for Ray Ariss, StarBride Riding Academy, it served as an inspiration. This was Ray's debut at the San Diego Fair and it was to be a very memorable one. Ray, who was recently honored as the IEL Dressage Trainer of the Year, was riding Margie, a 7 year old Friesian mare, who had only been used as a broodmare. When Margie's owners, John and Diana Gray, decided they would like to show Margie, they felt that Ray Ariss, with his SWAP (Sweet, Willing, And Predictable) methods, would be the perfect trainer. The results have been excellent with Margie achieving each goal they strive for. This show was only Margie's second time out and under Ray's guidance her performance was exceptional and the judges concurred as she won the Friesian Mare Under Saddle class. Ray said, "I was extremely pleased with Margie as the competition had been very tough." Horse Show officials were also impressed by Margie and Ray and they approached Ray to see if Margie could participate in the commemorative tribute to former President Ronald Reagan at the evening opening ceremonies. Ray graciously agreed, so at 5:00 p.m., the performance began with horses entering the arena in pairs led by the American flag on one side and the State of California flag on the other. As the horses separated, Ray Ariss slowly led Margie down the center, the black, riderless horse with boots in the stirrups facing backwards. The crowd grew silent as they paid their respects. Then the National Anthem was sung and afterwards the announcer asked everyone to take a moment to remember former President Ronald Reagan, as well as anyone who had contributed to their lives in a meaningful way. It was a moment so moving and emotional that there was hardly a dry eye in the house. Ray said, "It was a great honor to be a part of this historical occasion," and added "Ronald Reagan once said the best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse; it was a tribute to the man not only as a great president, but someone with whom we shared a common bond - the love of horses." To top the evening off, Margie continued in her winning fashion with her next class, Stallions/Geldings/Mares Under Saddle other than Saddle Seat. Margie took home another blue ribbon in a class of 13. This class offered the stiffest competition of the show as Margie was competing against previous winners. Ray stated, "Margie had risen to the occasion and I couldn't be any happier with her performance." Friesians are well known for their high stepping gaits, but Margie was really struttin her stuff and the crowd enthusiastically showed their appreciation as Ray took Margie for her victory pass. Margie's owners, John and Diana Gray, say they are thrilled with her progress under Ray's direction, and added she has already exceeded their highest expectations. The Gray's say they have absolutely fallen in love with the Friesian breed and plan to import several more Friesians from Holland for Ray to train.


Congratulations to Cory Govoreau and Ray Ariss of Starbrite Riding Academy in Norco!

On April 26,2004, the Interscholastic Equestrian League presented its year end awards. Cory won the honor of being the Overall High Point Dressage Individual, the Freshmen High Point Individual and the Champion Rider in Training Level Test 3 and Test 4 classes. Ray Ariss was named Trainer of the Year for the Dressage Division.

The Interscholastic Equestrian League of Orange County is an organization dedicated to promote and oversee equestrian competition involving riders in the lower school through 12th grades. The show season runs from October to March of each year. There are seven shows, riders must show in five to be eligible for year end awards. A riders top three scores in each class are then averaged to determine year end standings

Cory had a difficult year, missing the first show and then nearly missing the last show of the season due to injury. Just prior to the second show he decided not to show the horse he had been training on and accepted an offer from the Kosters to ride their 7 year old Friesian stallion, Joep. Joep had only been presented at a handful of shows but knowing they would be training with Ray, Cory knew he and Joep were up for the challenge.

Cory has been training at Starbrite Riding Academy with Ray Ariss for almost four years. This is the third year of competition for Cory in IEL. He has been the Champion Rider in his classes for two of the three years. Ray trained all three of the horses Cory has shown.

Working with Ray two or three times a week, Cory and Joep became a great team. Unfortunately two weeks prior to the last show Cory broke his collar bone. He was determined to finish out the season. Against all odds they earned scores of 71.5% and 71.923% at that show and cinched his year end position. Together Cory and Joep earned and averaged score of 72.5% in Training Level test 3 and an average score of 73.718% in Training Level Test 4. Their highest scores of the season were 74.583% and 75.384%.

Cory and Joep are qualified to ride in the California Dressage Junior Championships in August at the Oaks Blenheim Exhibitions in San Juan Capistrano. They are also qualified to ride in the Horse and Rider of the year competition to be held in October at the Las Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank. With Ray Ariss' expertise, training and guidance Cory is reaching for the stars.

~October 2003 ~

As published in Riding Magazine!

Each fall dozens of Friesian horses and their owners converge on Pomona Fair Grounds. Stalls and arenas become filled with sleek black horses as breeders come from all over the western United States to have their Friesians judged against the best their breed has to offer. "Margy", a seven year old Friesian mare, was brought to compete this year by her owners John and Diana Grey. Until this year Margy had been ridden little and used as a brood mare, in fact she had only learned her leads in the last six months before the show. She was exceptionally talented though, and her trainer was one of the best available. The man behind Margy's training, Ray Ariss of Starbrite Riding Academy, has been training horses for 25 years. He has trained National Champions of all breeds in multiple disciplines with his S.W.A.P (Sweet Willing and Predictable) method. At Pomona this month, Margy followed Starbrite's winning tradition. She was entered in the Friesian Open Dressage Suitability Class, which is judged on a horse's gates, self carriage, and response to the rider. Nearly twenty of the best Friesians breeders had to offer were entered in the class, including former champions. Shining black bodies and riders dressed in white breeches and formal coats circled the arena hoping to catch the judge's eye. Despite being nervous at her first show, Margy was completely focused on Ray as he guided her through her paces and navigated around their competition. She was in exceptional form, showing off the high stepping gaits and dramatic presence her breed is famous for. She impressed not only the judge but a packed house of observers who were pressed up against the rail to see the class. Margy and Ray won first place and accepted the blue ribbon to wild cheers from excited onlookers. Their victory lap was a triumphant and noble vision, with Margy trotting like a born champion and Ray smiling and waving his thanks to their supporters.

Each year Pomona's show is an amazing and exciting event with surprises all its own. This year Margy, Ray Ariss and the Starbrite Riding Academy Show Team provided us with a special treat to make the event one to remember.

Starbrite Congratulates
Tom Wilson and
Steve Bertling!

Steve Bertling and his horse Cowboy in a competition

Tom Wilson competing in mounted shooting

Cowboy Mounted Shooting is a multi-faceted equestrian sport in which contestants compete using two single action revolvers, loaded with blank ammunition specifically manufactured to a specific standard. Mounted contestants engage 10 reactionary targets while negotiating a specified course of fire (stage) on horseback. Typically a stage consists of five targets set in a pattern that requires agility and some aspects of reining work and five targets that test the top speed of the horse and shooter. A unique aspect of the sport is the emphasis placed on period clothing, tack and other equipment used in competitions. The clothing and equipment used should be typical of that available in the American West during the latter half of the 19th Century, generally centered around the 1880's. Participants assume the identity of an old west cowboy. The identity can be a real person, a movie cowboy or any fictional persona they desire.

Starbrite Riding Academy has two very successful competitors competing in this exciting sport! Steve Bertling (AKA Lefty Lawdawg) and Tom Wilson. Both hold titles in their divisions for 2003! Steve is the Southwestern Regional Champion Men's Division 2, Summer Range Reserve Champion Men's Division 2, and Reserve World Champion Men's Division 2. Tom competed in the California State Finals and came home with the State Championship in his division!

We are very proud of them and are fascinated with this exciting sport!

Starbrite Gets Charged Up!

Caballero rearing on cue

The San Diego Chargers' mascot Boltman has been looking into possibly adding a steed to his image. They approached Starbrite about a photo shoot with our andalusian stallion Caballero del Rey.

Trainer and owner, Ray Ariss got all dressed up in the Boltman ensemble and Caballero was outfitted to match. They performed rears, bows, the piaffe, spanish walk along with many other maneuvers for the cameras in front of a huge green screen. Digital backgrounds will be added later for the final product that will be distributed by the Chargers. Caballero and Ray did wonderfully and we are very excited of future possibilities!

Boltman Ray holds up his lighting sword in triumph as his trusty steed takes a bow.

Ray takes off the Boltman Mask for a break
~August 2003 ~

Samantha Jacobs and her partner Taz

Starbrite is very proud of
Samantha Jacobs!

Samantha and her horse Taz have been competing with great success all this year! She has participated in multiple shows and has placed first or second at every event! In may she entered a show in San Juan Capistrano and got scores ranging from 65 to 70 percent! In July at the ICC Summer Show she repeated that great accomplishment! This month at the Midsummer Day's Dressage Event in Pomona she improved over those great scores! She received scores ranging from 68 to 71 percent! This awesome team keeps making us proud and we can't wait to see what they do next!

A Day of Dressage

Ray Ariss with Starbrite Stallion

Bolero International

Ray Ariss with Starbrite Stallion
Caballero del Rey

Present by Norco Horsemen's Association

Sunday July 27, 2003

Ray Ariss, owner of Starbrite Riding Academy, will be doing an exhibition! It will be focusing on Ground Work - Lunging thru High School. He will be working with many different horses (some from Starbrite and some clients' horses we have in training as well) of different ages and levels of training!

Mr. Ariss will be performing from 2:45pm - 4:15pm.

Event Information:
Sunday July 27, 2003
9:00am - 4:30pm

Ingalls Park Moreno Arena
Norco, CA

$20 per person - $15 for Juniors under 18
$15 for NHA Members

Lunch and Snacks Available!


Congratulations to Deanna Cummins!


Deanna Cummins with
Two Sisters Celebrity Mary

from Starbrite Riding Academy

Deanna Cummins and her miniature horse mare Two Sisters Celebrity Mary have been training at Starbrite Riding Academy for only a few months and their progress and success is something we are all very proud of! Deanna shows Mary in the halter classes at the Pacific Coast Miniature Horse Club which is associated with the American Miniature Horse Registry. Mary has done very well and holds seven Hi-Point Championships in Yearling Mares, Youth, Multi-Color Mares, Model Mares, and Two Year Old Mares, and eight Grand Championships. Deanna and Ray Ariss, owner of Starbrite, are currently working on training Mary in driving and we look forward to many wonderful things from this fantastic team!


Congratulations to Beth Burrill!

Beth Burrill and her horse Petey after the
Junior Championship Show

from Starbrite Riding Academy

Beth Burill competes in the Interscholastic Equestrian League and this year placed well enough to compete in the Junior Championship show. It was held August 10 and 11 in Temecula. Beth exceeded everyone's expectations by winning the High Point and two Perpetual Trophies. She competed in Training Level Tests 3 and 4 as well as First Level Tests 3 and 4. She received a perfect 10 for her stretch at the trot. Beth and her horse Petey have worked very hard to come this far and we are all very proud of them. Beth became a Starbrite student three years ago. She had brought Petey to our trainer, Ray Ariss, for help correcting the bad behavior the horse had at the time. She liked Starbrite so much that she started taking lessons and a year later she competed in her first dressage class. She brought home a blue ribbon from that show with a score of 69%. She carries on her tradition of success with every show she attends. We look forward to her future accomplishments.

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